translator is a person who translates written texts from one language into another. In a certain sense, translators can be seen as “intermediaries” between people, companies, public bodies and organizations that use different languages, alphabets and writing systems.

Department: Project Management
Project Location(s): Utah, US


The main tasks of a translator typically include;

  • Translating written texts from one language into another, maintaining the concepts, tone, cultural references and nuances of the original source text
  • Proofreading translations and ensuring that they are free from errors
  • Ensuring that translated texts meet all relevant editorial requirements, i.e. in terms of layout, style, font etc.
  • Delivering translated texts in accordance with the agreed deadline


  • Perfect command of target and source languages
  • Extensive knowledge of the culture and society of the country in which the source language is spoken
  • Good general knowledge
  • Knowledge of translation techniques
  • Knowledge of translation tools, e.g. CAT tools, dictionaries, terminology databases and glossaries
  • Ability to use common computer software applications
  • Communication skills
  • Precision and reliability
  • Flexibility
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